Flames and Steel: Place new units

Place New Units

Minor industrial complex: may produce up to 2 units per turn. Minor industrial complexes may produce all categories of units except infantry and capital ships. They have an air combat value of 1. 

Major industrial complex: may produce a number of units equal to the PU value of the territory. Major industrial complexes may produce any type of unit expect infantry. They have an air combat value of 3.

Naval units produced by an industrial complex must be placed in an adjacent sea zone. The sea zone must be free from enemy naval units for you to place new units there. If you are unable to place your newly built units, they are sold for cash (which you receive). You may place newly built aircraft directly onto existing or newly built aircraft carriers. You may place preexisting aircraft onto newly built aircraft carriers, so long as those preexisting aircraft are in the same territory as the industrial complex which produced the carriers.

Infantry may be produced on any territory which produces manpower points for your nation. You may place two infantry for each friendly manpower point on the underlying territory. If you have a factory and manpower points in the same territory, infantry placement and factory production are treated separately. Your factory production does not count against the infantry placement limit, and your infantry placement does not count against the production limit of the factory. 

You must have owned a territory since the beginning of your turn to place new units there. 

It is impossible to build new industrial complexes.

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