Flames and Steel - Overview

The object of the game is to obtain a dominant economic and military position. The game officially ends when a given side asserts control over all the territories in Europe and mainland Asia, though most losing players will generally concede before that point is reached.

The game involves three types of resources. Manpower points (MPs) represent the manpower available for infantry recruiting and are expended through the purchase of infantry units.

Research points (RPs) are generated by research centers. A research center provides RPs for whichever side controls the underlying territory. Research centers cannot be destroyed.

Production Units (PUs) represent industrial output or natural resources, and are generated by most territories. It is also possible for a territory’s PU value to fall through bombing raids, starvation, or the Soviets' "scorched earth" special ability. PUs are expended in the purchase military units, and are also used to build research centers.  

Order of Play

The Axis consists of Germany and Japan. The Allies consist of the Soviet Union, China, Great Britain, and the United States.

Teams’ Starting Resources
Germany: 25 PUs, 13 manpower points
U.S.S.R.: 57 PUs, 22 manpower points
Japan: 16 PU, 6 manpower points
China: 12 PUs, 6 manpower points
U.K.: 35 PUs, 7 manpower points
U.S.: 71 PUs, 7 manpower points

Note that available industrializations, technologies, and the starting military situation favors the Axis, which helps balance out the above situation.

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