Flames and Steel

Flames and Steel is a turn-based strategy game based on WWII. To achieve victory, coordinate your unit purchases and research efforts with your overall military strategy.

Each kind of unit is typically specialized to do one or two things very well. Fighters are very strong against enemy aircraft, but provide little ability to destroy enemy land or naval units. Dive bombers are excellent against land and naval targets, and also provide moderate air-to-air ability and even some strategic bombing ability. Strategic bombers are poorly suited for tactical combat, but excel at devastating your enemy's economic ability to wage war. Tanks are intended to soak up enemy punishment; while artillery is intended to dish it out.

Each country has a unique set of unique advantages and (in some cases) disadvantages. That mix benefits Germany and the Soviet Union with respect to land war. Germany also has the best overall air units. American air units are second, and for some purposes are superior to their German counterparts. Japan has a below-average ability to wage land war but is strong at sea. 

Early in the game, the Axis will need to use its advantage in starting military position to temporarily balance out the Allies' overwhelming advantage in economy and available manpower. As both sides industrialize, the economic gap between the Axis and Allies will tend to narrow. To succeed, the Axis player will need to take ruthless advantage of the qualitative advantages available later in the game, exploit the vulnerable state of Allied shipping, and conquer an adequate amount of Allied land. 

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